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Mazin Moustafa Zien was born on April 9, 1997 in Los Angeles, California. He began his acting career when he was fifteen years old. Along with taking classes and honing his skills as an aspiring actor, he dabbled in other fields of art as well, from music to animation to illustration to writing stories. It wasn’t until he graduated from high school that he decided to focus on acting and writing for animation, video games, on-camera, and comics/graphic novels as his career path.

Mazin attended the University of Colorado Denver in 2017 and graduated with a BA in English Writing in 2020, honing his skills and knowledge as a creative writer. During his time at the university, he took classes in other fields of art that were not part of the major to broaden his knowledge in the other areas that were related to his work. Though he may not necessarily be an animator or illustrator, he took animation and illustration classes since he is an actor and writer for animation and comics/graphic novels.

Along with taking acting classes within the university, Mazin also took acting classes/workshops outside of the unviersity, including with studios such as Bang Zoom! Studios' Adventures in Voice Acting and Real Voice LA with top, successful actors/directors from the industry as the instructors.

In 2015, he landed his first voice-over role in Bad Winter is Coming, a cartoon that was created as a collaboration between EssenceCartoon Animation Studio and the popular webcomic Owlturd Comix by animating one of their comic strips. Not only did EssenceCartoon continue working with Mazin on a consistent basis, but Mazin also landed a role in two more of the studio’s animations in collaboration with the popular webcomics The Gentleman’s Armchair and Loading Artist.

Mazin has also done voice work elsewhere, including video games such as CreatorCrate and Samurai Slaughter House, available on Steam, Oculus Quest, and PlayStation 5. In 2020, he became a writer and voice actor for Eternal Arts Studios, an upcoming animation studio with Legends of Myiorda as its first animated series. Mazin works as a co-writer on the series. He also began doing voice work for
E.I.E Animations, a YouTube animation channel with over 200,000+ subscribers and 50,000,000+ video views. He provided and continues to provide voice work for the studios' E.I.E Animated Horror Adventures series, which has received over 25,000,000+ views on YouTube.

On top of voice acting and writing for client projects, Mazin also has projects of his own going on. He wrote and directed the short film Pocketknife, with actor Gabriel Shafi playing the lead role. The short film was an Official Selection in the Chicago Indie Film Awards and the Venice Shorts Film Awards. He is also working on a graphic novel titled Degenerate with Gabriel Shafi, and it is currently in the illustration phase. Mazin also has a social media presence as Furious Lunch Bag, your hub for everything media entertainment, kdrama, anime, webtoons, manga, video games, food, and travel.

Mazin is an actor and writer for animation, video games, on-camera, & comics/graphic novels, and there is no limit to how far he will go as an artist.

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